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About ACM



Data sits at the core of everything we do.  We gather information, conduct extensive analysis, and make independent, unbiased decisions in your best interest. 

Investment Leaders Who Get Results

Armbruster Capital Management, Inc. (ACM) is an investment advisory firm serving high-net-worth individual and institutional clients.  ACM is employee-owned, independent, and free of conflicts of interest.  As a fiduciary advisor, the firm creates and maintains customized investment portfolios tailored to each client’s unique objectives.

Why Armbruster Capital Management?

Investment Experts

Our team includes CFA charter holders and CPAs. We read primary academic research, test theories with our own quantitative analysis, and understand the nuances of the strategies we use and recommend.

Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on the level of service we offer our clients. We’ll provide regular updates to your finance office, but will also be available anytime for participant education and questions.


Armbruster Capital Management is a Registered Investment Advisor. We are not affiliated with any broker/dealer, do not accept any commission compensation, nor do we accept any third-party remuneration. We are independently owned and operated to remove conflicts of interest that could bias our advice. We work for you.

Integrity. Transparency

We always act in your best interest. In an industry where truth is hard to come by, you can rely on us to always give it to you straight.

Low Fees. No surprises

Retirement plans often include several layers of fees paid to brokers, TPAs, recordkeepers, and mutual fund companies. These costs are borne by the employees trying to save for retirement. We strive to reduce that burden by minimizing expenses at every level. The result is typically a savings of between 30% to 50% on total plan costs.

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